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Lata Kijang

  • Lata Kijang Rainforest is located in Kenaboi Reserved Forest with broadness of 6.47 hectares.

  • The forest is from Dipterokarpa Bukit type.

  • Its distance is 78 km from Seremban town and 45 km from Kuala Klawang outskirts.

  • The main attraction of this forest is waterfall. Lata Kijang height is 80 metre high which is the highest waterfall in Negri Sembilan. Besides that, there’re also Hantu Big Mountain (1462 metres), Semong and Harimau Caves as well as Natives’ village.

  • Lata Kijang Rainforest provides accommodation facilities which are 2 zones camping sites that can accommodate 300 peoples.

  • It’s equipped with toilets and multipurpose hall.


* This place is suitable for those who love natural life because it’s rich with flora and fauna. To visitors that have desire to do researches, this place is quite strategic because it has variety of birds, plants, wild animals that is undeniable. The uniqueness of this rainforest is most of the plant species can’t be found at other places.


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