Selamat Datang Ke Portal Rasmi Majlis Daerah Jelebu

  1. To formulate and implement plans corresponding to strengthening and improving the fiscal, social, economic, and environment system.

  2. Providing efficient and effective services and basic amenities to the residents.

  3. To improve the overall development and human resource management at all level.

  4. To co-operate in planning and managing the surrounding environment towards a stable development inline with the 21st Local Agenda project.

  5. To improve development programmes with the co-operation of private sector

  6. Control municipality activity to create town atmosphere harmony.

  7. Planning and develop quality public infrastructure.

  8. Control and enforcement on by-law and rule act to ensure society's comfort.

  9. Provide effective legal service in keeping with office need, same as population and dealer by law used.

  10. Manage quality tourism service.

  11. Facilitate the deal organisation service with ICT usage.