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Kuala Klawang views in 1980's

Tales from the old folks from generation to generation tells about an head of community (Tok Batin) that have started a gourd farm. His gourd so fertile, it was said that its vine crept all the way to Ulu Klawang. Because of Tok Batin's gourd many people came to his farm and named the place ‘Creeping Gourd' (Jalar Labu) and over time became known as Jelebu.

The discovery of Jelebu has always been associated with the migration of Minangkabau people. Initially, Jelebu was inhabited by aborigines of Temuan descendent from Biduana tribe (suku). It started when Batin Terjali the son of Maharaja Alif the ruler of Pagar Ruyun Minangkabau government, went exploring to experience and to expand his father's territory. After extensive exploration, he and his followers arrived at Bukit Kundik, Jelebu, where he was warmly welcomed by the aborigines.

While in Jelebu, his spouse Princess (Puteri) Embong Sari gave birth to a son and was named Datok Niko Menteri Mangku Alam Raja Sehari. Before leaving Jelabu to continue with his exploration, Batin Terjadi entrusted his son to the care of the tribal head and when he is grown up he is to be the chief (penghulu) of Jelebu. The tribal head agreed and promised to submit with the order.

The tribal head kept his promise and Datok Niko Menteri Shah Maku Raja Sehari was made the chief (penghulu) of Jelebu. With it, the government of Batin Terjadi begins and the link between people of Minangkabau and the aborigines was foster and the beginning of the people of Minangkabau migration to Jelebu. In the list of chieftains (penghulu) the first person recorded was Datok Gombak, followed by Datok Metunggang and Dato Moyang Salleh.


Jelebu is also known as rain shelter area for its high altitude and the little rain falls it experienced as compared to other areas in Negeri Sembilan. Due to that, its land are fertile and is known for its local fruits produce and greenery.