Selamat Datang Ke Portal Rasmi Majlis Daerah Jelebu

Yang DiPertua, Majlis Daerah Jelebu

Jelebu District Council website (MDJ) is connecting all levels of society with theĀ  Jelebu District Council. Existence is as space information to the public to know briefly the functions and programs Jelebu District Council. In particular at what planning, development, services provided, expenses are used, as well as programs and activities planned for the benefit to all citizens of Jelebu.

Jelebu District Council responds to the government in achieving the status of the Multimedia Super Corridor globally through the use of information technology. Online complaint system that will be developed through e-PBT is also a project that occurred by the Jelebu District Council and the Ministry of Housing and Local Government aims to increase the effectiveness of services to the people of Malaysia generally and especially in conjunction with population jelebu new era where technology is in peak.

I hope, the existence of this website will be able to give benefit at all parties. Be friendly to surfing Jelebu District Council website.

" Progressive Discipline and Honest"

Tuan Abdul Rahim bin A.Aziz
Yang DiPertua, Jelebu District Council