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Client Charter

Town & Country Planning




14 Day

30 Day

14 Day

  • Plan and design community and socio-economic development projects in order to provide convenience to residents and community
  • Plan potential areas to be developed and to ensure the developments are in line with the guidelines set
  • Create suitable places to be made into recreational spots and worshipping places for the community.
  • Submit land application reviews and landscape plans within 14 days from the letter's receipt date.
  • Ensure approval of residential area and street names within 30 days.
  • Provide fair and friendly services to customers.
  • Ensure all complaints lodged will be attended to and to notify the actions taken to the complainant within 14 days

Laws Unit

60 Day

2 Day
60 Day

  • Compounds rebate appeal.
  • Set compound rates for each Notice of Offer to Compound for an offence.
  • Mail correspondence
  • Prosecution actions
  • 1