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Jeram Toi

  • Located in Berembun Forest Reserve

  • Size 3.4 hectares

  • The forest is made up of ‘Dipterokarpa Bukit

  • Located 28 km from Seremban and 12 km from Kuala Klawang Town

  • Main Attraction : 4 levels Waterfall (Batang Toi River) and Jungle Tracking Path to Telapak Buruk Mountain

  • There is a campsite that can accommodate 50 participants

  • Equipped with amenities such as toilets, surau (place for prayer), changing room, and boardwalk

  • Food stalls are made available for petty traders to do business.

  • There is a wadding pond with slide for children.


*Activities apart from swimming, are picnicking, jungle tracking, camping, research, and sight-seeing.


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