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Jeram Gading

Beautiful landscape with greenery, river, and waterfall with hilly backdrop, flanked by mountains on the east and sandy beaches on the west is enough to describe Negeri Sembilan. Negeri Sembilan topography which is located at the tip of the main range influences its exquisite highlands. Several recreational centre are located along the range, and the biggest is the National Park (Taman Negera). In Negeri Sembilan Jeram Gading is its equivalent. It is believed that Jeram Gading got its name from the presence of elephants within the areas.

The main attraction of Jeram Gading is its waterfall, its clear water flowing through trees and splashes of water left and right whenever it hits obstruction, ball shapes bubble and white foams when its swirls before disappearing to calmer areas. Although, the rapids is not suitable for kayaking, it is suitable for family picnic.

Located 23 km from K.Klawang, Jeram Gading is in Kenoboi area. On your journey here, you will travel pass beautiful green scenery made of fruit trees, farms own by local farmers. Apart from the engrossing views, visitors are treated to fresh air not yet polluted by urbanisation.

Now, Jeram Gading has been upgraded and placed as one of the tourist attraction spot under the supervision of Jelebu District Council.

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