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The History Of Establishing Custom Museum

Custom Museum (Malaysia Museum Department) in Kuala Klawang is situated about 36 km from  Seremban Town.  The museum was established in 2005 and officiated on Saturday, February 2, 2008 corresponding with 24 Muharram 1429 hijrah.

The existence of Custom Museum in Malaysia, particularly in Negeri Sembilan is appropriate and fitting with Negeri Sembilan identity as the ‘Land of Custom’. This is Custom Museum is the first of its kind in the country where multiethnic customs are assemble from all over Malaysia.

The museum allocate a segment specifically for ‘Adat Perpatih’(matrilineal laws of Minangkabau) to highlighting Negeri Sembilan as a custom state.

Main Gallery

Focus were given to introducing and the concept of custom in Malaysia. It covers the early history of the biggest custom beginning in the Malay World, that is Adat Perpatih and Temenggung Batu Batikam and Batu Baling replication s, artifacts, or customary ceremonial equipment, and customary attires from various ethnic groups in Malaysia.

Second Gallery

Displaying customs relating to cycle of lives including giving birth, wedding, death, economic activities, practiced rituals such as ‘bobohizan’,  disembarking a boat, traditional medication, and the manifestation of custom through musical instruments.

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